sushi-1I love good sushi. But I’m all about the experience as well. The quality. I guess I’m spoiled when it comes to my sushi after having fresh sushi so close in Knoxville, TN and then in Los Angeles. I’m currently living in Aix-en-Provence, and as of yet, I’ve not found a really good sushi place. I have tried three. One I can’t remember the name of. The other two, are Sushi Geisha, and Nikki Sushi. Here’s my thoughts.

Sushi Geisha
I went here with some friends for sushi one night. That part was great (hanging out with friends).

  1. Service: The service was less than desirable, but that’s not uncommon here either. With that in mind, I’d give the server a 6 out of 8.
  2. Atmosphere: It’s not badly decorated, though definitely not Asian. That’s not a must, but some tasteful, classy decor (without the clichés), can be nice with sushi. Music was weird.
  3. Food Quality: I found the sushi lacking in quality. It was definitely not fresh, but not extremely old. The taste was ok, but not mind blowing. It’s presentation wasn’t that great either. They had no salt for the edamame.
  4. Drinks: I felt for a ‘Sushi” restaurant, the selection was more than poor. One sake available of poor quality and high price. Also, no other Asian alcohol available.
  5. Price:  Overall, I feel I could have paid $3 for the same quality/taste in Los Angeles. I think it cost around €20.
  6. My Rating: I would give the restaurant a 3/10. Way overpriced for low-quality.


Nikki Sushi

  1. Service: I have not eaten in, but always order to go. So far the service has been fast and polite.
  2. Atmosphere: The location close looks OK. A little commercial looking, though I need to look at the lounge part. I plan to check it out in more detail and eat in this next time.
  3. Food Quality: Not extremely fresh, but the freshest I’ve found in town so far. Does not taste “fishy” like Sushi Geisha does. Nicely rolled, looks like the chef actually cared about presentation, and that is nice.
  4. Drinks: Ok selection. Sake, Wine, etc. Little pricy, but not extremely bad.
  5. Price: My takeout cost €30. It was on the upper end of the price for quality, but not enough that would stop me. I could have found the same in LA for about $20, so I’m not complaining a lot here.
  6. My Rating: Overall, I’d give them a 7/10. I will visit again soon.


I hope to try some sushi in Marseille. I’ll let y’all know.

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