Eggs for Brunch


Eggs with Salsa

Today, I slept in (which does not happen a lot) so I decided to have a light brunch of eggs. One of my favorite ways to fix eggs is scrambled with salsa.

It’s really pretty simply. I crack three eggs into a bowl. Some people like to add milk or cream and I do use cream sometimes (didn’t today). I like to use olive oil (rather than butter or cooking oil) in the skillet and just pour the eggs into the skillet. While they are cooking, I salt them with sea salt or RealSalt® (which is basically a salt that is mined in Utah and has other minerals in it. I add fresh ground black pepper. You have to stir the eggs in the skillet almost constantly to make them scramble nicely. I like to add cheese at the end and let it melt (if I have it). After it’s done, put them a plate and top them with you favorite salsa.

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