philip-cuisine-and-meWelcome to Cuisine & Me. My goal here is to share my love of cuisine with my readers.

I didn’t grow up around good cooking. In fact, the food was pretty down-right gross. But I developed a love and passion for cooking later in my teens and just started experimenting. That led to some pretty bad dishes I’d end up eating, but it laid the groundwork for getting better.

What I share with you may be the amazing fresh produce I find at the local open air market or maybe my latest attempt at cooking or preparing food. And on my travels, I hope to share my cuisine related experiences whether it be food, a restaurant, or a garden. I hope to inspire you to love good quality food and get excited like I do at the experience.

I love to cook for people. Good food, good wine, and good conversation. For me good food needs to be good for you, taste good, and look good.

– Philip